Beneficent Honeycomb

Honeycomb gives you the freedom to contribute to our cause at a level that works for you! Your recurring donations are the lifeblood of our organization and allow us to lend with compassion to individuals and families that are seeking relief from high-interest bearing debt. You just have to sign up once with your desired monthly amount, and your donations will be automatically withdrawn on the same day each month

Why Honeycomb?

Our Honeycomb program is a metaphor for the honeycombs bees build for their colonies.

The hexagonal shapes represent a honeycomb’s cell, each of which supports the other in the hive with its efficient shape. The idea of donating a certain amount every month represents the surplus honey that bees make for their colony to derive energy from. Additionally, just as bees work individually and as a team for their colonies, we hope to create a platform where community members contribute what they can to help others that need interest-free loans in order to become productive members of the same community. Save your spot in the hive today!

How is my donation used?

Our organization has rapidly expanded over the past few years, and now includes new services to empower our clients and community members (e.g., financial literacy seminars, resume critique, interview prep sessions, tax clinics).

Given our expansion in services, ninety (90) percent of your donations will go to the interest-free loan pool and ten (10) percent will be allocated to administrative costs. We are proud that Beneficent is 100% volunteer run, so none of the administrative funds are allocated to salaries or remuneration.

As a member, you will have the option to sign up for our newsletter and stay in the loop on how Beneficent is empoweringyour community. Through our newsletters, we will provide updates to all our donors on how their money was used, in addition to news regarding the many services Beneficent offers.

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